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Audi q5 2015 release date, specs, design

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Photo: Audi q5 2015 release date, specs, design

The updated crossover (q5 2015) will be built on a new platform. Thanks to this machine will lose the extra 120 kilograms. The production version will be not only easier, but also more economical. Looks new q5 2015 creators did not hurt. Traditionally German discreet design generously diluted with all sorts of bizarre twists Headlights, grille and air intake windows.

Looking at the photo of the new new q5 2015, you can see that behind the car lost the usual form of exhaust pipes. Dimensions remained the same. Its length is 4629 mm. The width of the new version is 1898 mm and the height, 165.5 cm. Remained unchanged wheelbase – 2807 mm.

Almost imperceptible changes remain in the cabin for q5 2015. Although, if you look closely, you will notice that the form of the steering wheel , the panel of transmission and form of its arm are renewed. Markedly increased the number of compartments, drawers, niches for storage of various details. Particular attention is paid to the creators q5 2015 seats, that provided just unreal amount of adjustments. At the height of the quality of finishing materials. The shape of the dashboard remains the same: a clear, smooth, without any twists and eccentricities. Middle arranged trip computer screen by 9 inches. After conducted restyling 2015 audi q5 boot capacity remains the same – 540 liters. When folded seats cargo area can be increased to 1560 liters. As before, in the equipment includes options such as: Infotainment system. Navigation system. Modern sound system. Assistant rebuild with radar radars on the sides. Assistant traffic on the strip. Parking Assistant. The automatic parking.


Technical characteristics of the popular model


Despite the sleek design and the interior, the car is different solid power equipment. In our market the car comes only in four-wheel drive version with an extensive range of engines. Modern design allows the engine audi q5 2015 demonstrate excellent performance. Here are some figures:

Motor Capacity
Fuel consumption
Petrol 2.0 180 MT 6,4-9,3 8.5
2.0 225 MT 6,4-9,3 7.6
2.0 225 AT 6,9-9,6 7.1
3.0 272 AT 6,9-11,4 5.9
Diesel 2.0 177 AMT 5,6-6,7 9.0
3.0 245 AMT 6,2-7,0 6.3
Hybrid 2.0 211 AT 6,5-7,2 7.1


Advantages and disadvantages

The car of a new generation in 2015 audi q5 has many positive qualities: Excellent quality of materials and assembly. The body is made of high-strength tempered steel, which is lightweight. Excellent driving performance. Great management, which does not require extra effort from the driver. Richly equipped assistants, advanced features and electronic options. Remarkable dynamic qualities.

The most obvious disadvantages are:

  • Rather high price.
  • Expensive parts and service.
  • The stiff suspension.
  • Quickly burn out bulbs in the headlamps.