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Photo: 2015 McLaren P13 RELEASE DATE, SPECS, PRICE


The British automaker McLaren, specializing in the production of sports cars and luxury cars, brought to the final test pre-production sample of the new P13.

How we managed to find out, the company’s engineers are trying to troubleshoot power plant of the vehicle. Engineers are trying to test the car in extreme conditions, to resolve all shortcomings in the technical equipment of the model. According to the automaker, all will be completed in the shortest possible time.

Supercar McLaren P13 will be available in two body styles: the spider and coupe. Some time ago the media reported McLaren Sports Series (he and P13) will have installed the 3.8-liter V Biturbo unit of eight cylinders, which can generate up to 600 horsepower. A number of “horses” was chosen to match the standards of the Asian market, in order to reduce the amount of tax on the vehicle. It is also known that the car will be similar by its dimensions and weight with 650S Coupe.

McLaren P13 coupe is designed to compete in the market with a Porsche 911 Turbo, although the device and passport parameters are not close. But more or less comparable the price and potential audience.


2015 McLaren P13 older brother

Coupe 650S with the code name Project Kilo at the same time being developed by  British manufacturer. It is believed that Kilo is much closer to the beginning of sales.

Here the maximum used the carbon fiber – custom sills, diffuser, dash, and even the roof are made of it. In addition, aluminium water neck for oil and coolant got painted in main body color and have orange McLaren logos. The orange kiwi bird settled On the casing of the engine – Hello to New Zealand, home of Bruce McLaren, company founder.

Most of Project Kilo coupe highlights – heat shields above the exhaust tract, covered with 24-carat gold. For McLaren’s decision not new: gold, remember, was used in the engine compartment of the legendary coupe McLaren F1. But it really helped to reflect radiation of an overheated motor. Well, here solid posturing – the engine is standard.


2015 McLaren P13 release date

Article about the 2015 McLaren P13 has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.



2015 McLaren P13 engines

It is known that the McLaren P13 engines lineup is the same that is equipped on all its “brothers” (3.8L V8), but deforced. Power – 500HP (Recall, Audi – 525HP, Porsche – 520HP)

Anyway, P13 is lighter. Remember 12C coupe, weight of novelties (including driver, fuel etc.) will not exceed 1.5t, while the 911 Turbo and R8 V10 weigh 1.67t and 1.72t respectively.

Only the rear drive is available. On acceleration from a place P13, will likely be a little slower than all-wheel drive 911 Turbo (as you recall, are nominally 3.4 seconds for the base 520-horsepower version), General dynamics and controllability of “British” is quite able to compete with “German”. Indeed, the latter weighs a decent 1595 kg and carbon coupe P13 should have a curb weight of less than 1.4 tons.


2015 McLaren P13 pricing and release date

McLaren representative Wayne Bruce said: “pricing for Junior coupe P13 will start approximately at one-third less, then starting price of 12C”. Expected the mass McLaren Europe will start at 130,000 euros, in the U.S. – less than $160,000. A very attractive pricing.

Remember main competitors pricing: Audi R8 V10 Coupe in the United States – from $151,200. Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe from $148,300.

In 2015, the model sales will start. It should play a big part in the company development, which plans to bring annual release of McLarens up to 4000 cars in 2016.

Release date: late 2015


2015 McLaren P13 video review


PHOTO OF 2015 McLaren P13

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 McLaren P13 to change without notice.