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2015 Toyota Mirai release date, specs, price

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Photo: 2015 Toyota Mirai release date, specs, price



Toyota-Mirai 2015 started in a batch production and became available to Japan buyers on December 14, 2014. Innovative quadruple  Toyota Mirai sedan with fantastic hydrogen-powered  FC Stack, ensuring the  electricity producing by a hydrogen and oxygen chemical reaction.

Toyota unveiled its first hydrogen production car In November 2014. New product is named Mirai, which means “future” translated from Japanese.   Toyota Mirai moved by 153-hp power unit based on fuel cells. The energy it produced in the process of chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen, exhausting plain water. From zero to hundreds sedan accelerats in 9.0 seconds, and to full fuel tanks you require about five minutes.

The main competitor of the new industry experts called model Honda FCV, the serial production of which is scheduled for March 2016. Power reserve of both models stated the same about 480 kilometers. Extra charge for Toyota Mirai available PTO (Power take off), which allows you to use the car as a charging station. As noted by the manufacturer, if necessary, the machine can provide electricity to an average Japanese home for about a week. Interestingly, the development of models running on hydrogen Toyota has been for a long time. Thus, in 1997 the company introduced a prototype hydrogen SUV FCHV. Subsequently, the model was still available, but limited edition, and since 2008 car can be rented in Japan. Toyota also gave this SUV some state-owned companies and institutions, which acted as a kind of testers, periodically reporting to the company of its operating experience FCHV.



2015 Toyota Mirai release date and pricing

American division of Totyota announced the price of innovative products.  In the U.S. market  Toyota Mirai sales will begin in the summer of 2015, starting at  $57500.

Interestingly, despite the high price Toyota Mirai, the number of people willing to buy a new engine on hydrogen, only for pre-orders, significantly exceeded the planned production of cars.

Release date: summer 2015 


2015 Toyota Mirai release date

Article about the 2015 Toyota Mirai  has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


2015 Toyota Mirai Exterior

The front part of the Toyota Mirai  body  set up with ultra-narrow headlamps, combining 4 led lights each (dipped and main beam), a huge bumper streamlined shape with classic horizontal air intake and a pair of giant vertical ducts with garlands led strips, responsible for daytime running lights and turn indicators. Large air intakes are to provide a huge influx of oxygen necessary for the operation and cooling of the hydrogen installation of FC stack. Body profile of innovative Japanese Toyota Mirai sedan captivating graceful lines and punch, the original roof line and an unconventional solution to rear. Powerful bursts of waves nabega to the back of the car, give the sedan a spectacular view. And let the rear of the Japanese hydrogen sedan looks a bit heavy due to the massive marker lights (led content with 3D effect), large cover, Luggage compartment with a gorgeous led strip and huge bumper, but… how cool and original look of food.


2015 Toyota Mirai Interior

The interior of the new Japanese sedan, filled with hydrogen, equally stylish and modern. Cabin is for 4 people, driver and front passenger got a comfort seats with anatomical back profile, lateral support. Drive seat adjusts in 8 directions. In the second row has luxury sofa, divided with powerful armrest into two zones. A decent size wheel base 2780 mm and competent internal layout made it possible to create a solid interior dimensions, components 2040 mm in length, 1465 mm 1185 mm in height. On any of the four seats can be accommodated with comfort seats with a margin in all directions, wide doorways and doors opening at an angle of 80 degrees provide easy boarding.

In front of the driver is multifunction steering wheel of compact size, on the center dash is electronic multifunctional instrument panel with a 4.2-inch color screen, just below the color touch 9 mi inch screen multimedia installation (navigation, phone, rear view camera, music, voice control). The most interesting on the center console is electrostatic panel responsible for setting dual-zone climate control, heated steering wheel and all seats, as well as enabling the weight of other auxiliary equipment. Also available electronic security Pre-collision system warning frontal collision with function of emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, Parktronic, Keyless access, Lane Departure Alert system alerts the intersection of the axial and lateral lines markup), Blind Spot Monitor (control objects in the blind zones of mirrors), Drive-start Control limits, Hill Start Assist, ABS, EBD, VSC, TRC, nine airbags, including for the driver’s feet.


2015 Toyota Mirai Dimensions

length 4890 mm

width 1815 mm,

height 1535 mm,

wheelbase 2780 mm


2015 Toyota Mirai video review


PHOTO OF 2015 Toyota Mirai FACE-LIFT

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 Toyota Mirai to change without notice.