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2016 BMW 1-Series release date & price

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2016 BMW 1-Series release date

Photo: 2016 BMW 1-Series release date & price

The 2016 BMW 1-Series Specs

The 2016 BMW 1-Series model is characterized by a number of changes, intended to make it more powerful and comfortable. In addition, a sedan version, which will serve as a base one, will be introduced.
First of all, the range of engines, available, has been expanded. The new models are also equipped with petrol or diesel units, coming with 3 or 4 cylinders.

If you decide to purchase such an automobile, you will be able to choose between a standard 6-speed manual transmission and an optional 8-speed Steptronic one, coming with updated hardware and software.
It is noteworthy that the new model is characterized by a better fuel economy. Besides, additional measures were taken to reduce emissions.

As the designers and engineers have paid much attention to the improvement of the 2016 BMW 1-Series engine, this vehicle is more powerful than its predecessors.

The Development of the BMW 1-Series

The Development of the BMW 1-Series
The BMW 1-Series has been being produced by BMW since 2004. The history of these automobiles includes two generations so far. The cars, which belong to the first generation the BMW 1-Series, are the compact family automobiles. These cars are characterized by compact dimensions as well as affordable prices. This generation comprises three- and five-door hatchbacks, coupes, equipped with two doors, and convertibles, which come with two doors. The second generation of these cars comprises hatchbacks, which are equipped with either three or five doors, and sedans. One should also mention that BMW has designed and produced an electric automobile, based on the BMW 1-Series compact family cars.

The BMW 1-Series Release Date

Although the official release of this model took place this spring, thousands of motorists are looking forward to the release of the sedan version. So, when will 2016 BMW 1-Series Sedan become available? The sedan version of the 2016 BMW 1-Series comes out in 2016. According to some forecasts and suppositions, it will be released in the first half of 2016.

The 2016 BMW 1-Series Price

The 2016 BMW 1-Series prices will start from $19,000 (it is the price of the model, equipped with three doors). Thanks to the introduction of the sedan version of this model, the base price will be lower than that of the previous model. So, you will be able to buy the 2016 BMW 1-Series Sedan for about $30,000.

The Peculiarities of the 2016 BMW 1-Series Design

No doubt, the thoughtful and stylish design is one of the major characteristic features of this automobile. The design of the new model highlights that it belongs to premium class cars. Both the interior and exterior of this automobile have been modified.
In the first place, one should mention that the new model comes with redesigned headlights. You can choose between standard headlights or full LED ones. An improved grille is made in the shape of a kidney. The new model is also equipped with bigger air intakes. The rear part of this automobile has been redesigned, too. So, the car comes with improved rear lights.
As for the 2016 BMW 1-Series colors, you can choose from a wide selection of colors, ranging from Black Sapphire to Glacier Silver. You will surely find the color scheme, which you will like.
According to the 2016 BMW 1-Series reviews, its exterior looks elegant and luxurious. Due to the improvement of such details as a central console, surrounds of air vents and others, this automobile looks even more stylish than its predecessors.
Speaking about the 2016 BMW 1-Series changes, one should also mention that it comes with a wide range of gadgets. So, if you buy such an
automobile, you will be able to enjoy using such devices and functions as:

  • a rain sensor
  • an automatic climate control function
  • an iDrive Operating System
  • a professional navigation system

Due to an automatic air conditioning system, you will feel completely comfortable while driving this car both in the winter and in the summer. There is no need to spend much time in order to adjust the temperature of the air.
Besides, thanks to a professional navigation system, installed, it will be much easier for you to get to the destination. It is also equipped with a bigger display.
The Advantage, Urban Line, Sport Line, and M Sport packages are also available. So you will be able to make your vehicle even more customized.
Every version of the 2016 BMW 1-Series is characterized by the powerful engine, proper fuel economy, elegant design and reasonable price. Due to a wide range of versions and color schemes, these automobiles can meet the needs and preferences of almost any driver. You will be also able to customize your vehicle, which is a plus. Thanks to a large number of gadgets, installed, you will enjoy your every trip. You will be able to enjoy listening to music, as the vehicle is equipped with a top quality and user-friendly audio system. And an automatic climate control system will ensure your comfort regardless of the weather.
Although these automobiles have been being produced for a bit longer than a decade, more than two million cars have already been manufactured. This fact proves that this vehicle is really popular. Both German motorists as well as those, who come from other countries, prefer driving these cars.

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