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2016 BMW i3 release date, review, body change

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Photo: 2016 BMW i3 release date, review, body change

Again, improved concern the car presented in London the consumer: the updated BMW i3. It is custom-made production, but the car is almost ready for release.
When is the 2016 BMW i3 coming out? Now BMW i3 consists of two modules. One, Drive, is made of aluminum: this chassis, drive, battery. The second module – a salon, so-called living area. It is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Due to this, the weight of the vehicle has decreased and is now less than 1250 kg.

Technical characteristics

Power BMW i3 occur through 168-horsepower electric motor. It is with all electronic control systems, the differential on the rear axle and provides 170 Nm of torque. The car is equipped with a single-stage transmission, which is connected with the rear wheels. Acceleration to 100 km / h going on for 8 seconds and a top speed – 150 km / h.

Under the floor are lithium-ion batteries, which provide and good weight distribution. Cruising on electricity is 100 km. Then the car must be charged – it lasts 6 hours.

Passenger seats have plenty of space: in comparison with a conventional car. The luggage compartment has a volume of 200 liters. Soon it will be possible all the interesting design of the system and see the findings already in production cars.

2016 BMW i3 release date

Release date: late 2015

2016 BMW i3 video