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2016 Chevy Traverse redesign and release date

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2016 chevy traverse redesign and release date

Photo: 2016 Chevy Traverse redesign and release date


Chevrolet Traverse will appear at U.S. dealers this year.

2016 Chevy Traverse – 7 or 8-seater crossover, heavy and powerful. Weighs about 2 and a half tons, up to 96 kmh accelerates for 8 seconds. 6-speed auto gearbox and a motor with a displacement of 3.5 liters – that drives this mass. With impressive size, the Chevrolet Traverse looks brutal and is recognizable with its two-piece waffle bars. The Chevrolet Traverse crossover appeared in 2008, its specifications since then has not changed.

Chevrolet Traverse SUV of medium size that will provide your family with all the advantages of a vehicle of this class and some unexpected benefits. Eight passenger seats and a large Luggage compartment will allow you to put everything and everyone. Advanced security system will help to maintain health even in serious collisions.


2016 Chevy Traverse Design

Chevrolet Traverse is specially designed for those who feel a lack of options when choosing a car for a large family. Features a advanced sporty design, good capacity and high safety. The modern model 2016 Chevrolet Traverse will be available in three versions: LS, LT and LTZ, each of which may have a full or only front-wheel drive.

Sports style is achieved thanks to the curved body pieces. The lack of right angles, not only externally makes the crossover lighter, but also makes driving easier. The front corners of the hood are shaped like a sedan Malibu, but powerful hood with four bars and chrome headlights and elegant fog lamps create a unique external appearance of the truck. Moderately low roof adds elegance to the whole image of the vehicle.

2016 chevy traverse release date

Article about the 2016 Chevy Traverse has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


2016 Chevy Traverse interior

The main 2016 Chevy Traverse mission – transportation of passengers, so the seats are equipped in the best way. Spacious cabin easily houses up to 8 adult passengers, providing them with maximum comfort during your stay.

Presented in cloth or leather upholstery, this depends on the car model and the owner preferences. In the newest version added wooden and silver accents to improve design, contrasting seam and updated bluish backlight spreading throughout the salon.

The driver’s seat has the function of automatic adjustment and easy to configure for drivers of different configuration. The dashboard is traditionally tricolor. The wheel of relatively thin four-spikes with inserts resembling aluminum. The front seats are equipped with easy adjustable head restraints that maximum reduce the load on the neck and shoulders.

Comfort inside the vehicle is provided by dual-zone climate control, which is created by two or more conditioning heat sources. Front seats with integrated ventilation must be ordered separately.

By the owner on the car roof you can install one or more hatches, providing additional lighting and allows you to let more fresh air into the cabin.

Good visibility provide side mirrors and rear view camera, the which image is transmitted to the portable display. For travel off-road car is unsuitable due to excessively low bumper.

The Luggage compartment can be increased from 535 to 3259 l by removing one or both of the rear row of seats. Seats fold easily enough, and the transformation of the car takes less than five minutes. Thus, the owner can alternately use the car to transport large items or family trips. The tailgate is equipped with electric drive that allows you to tear off and close it without making any extra efforts. Additional trunk can be installed on the roof of the car.


2016 Chevy Traverse Specifications

Body with integrated frame made of high strength steel, which provides extra safety in collisions and ensures resistance to adverse weather conditions. The size of the car is 5206x1991x1770 mm, standard for this class of vehicle.

An independent rear wheel suspension for a double H-shaped levers and the front wheels on the McPherson racks, as well as the long wheelbase (3 019 mm) provides a high stability of the vehicle. Upgraded shock absorbers, springs, lights out on the front wheels and StabiliTrak stability system provides smooth movement at various speeds under any road surface.


2016 Chevy Traverse engine

The engine capacity of 3.6 liters equipped with the technologies of automatic variable valve timing, has 288 HP and 270 Nm of torque. Such indicators provide an opportunity to move freely on a dirt road, climb hills, free to conquer a small ditch. Direct fuel injection allows the use of cheaper unleaded petrol. On asphalt the car consumes 9.8 liters of gasoline when the front drive and from 10.6 when you turn on all-wheel drive.


2016 Chevy Traverse sustainability

The car is of high stability on the road in all weather conditions. A fairly long wheelbase (3 019 mm) with a breadth of front gauge 1 721 mm and rear – 1712 mm ensures the smoothness and stability of motion on any road, and also facilitates control of the car. All-wheel drive AWD system controls the distribution of torque between the two axles, based on the condition of the road surface. The system automatically uses the most efficient torque to ensure the best traction. A six-speed high-sensitivity transmission Hydra-Matic 6T75 ensures rapid acceleration.

  • Other than its own weight in tons of 2.27, the car can pull a trailer weighing up to 2,300 kg.
  • The warranty on this model is five years with the run up to 160,000 km.


2016 Chevy Traverse Safety

2016 Chevy Traverse safety certified by government crash tests and the highest awards at many competitions.

If a strong collision of the airbag instantly inflates between the driver and the passenger sitting next to, and on the inner side of the driver’s seat. Airbags equipped in the same seat rear seated passengers.

Additional safety is ensured thanks to audible warning systems, preventing a collision. StabiliTrak feature provides traction control. Mandatory vehicle configuration system, Hill Start Assist prevents it from rolling on steep surfaces, after releasing the brake pedal.


2016 Chevy Traverse release date

When will the 2016 Traverse come out? Due to upcoming rumors 2016 Chevy Traverse will be available to dealership late this year, or more likely, early next year.

Release date: 2016


2016 Chevy Traverse video review

Photo of 2016 Chevy Traverse

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2016 Chevy Traverse to change without notice.