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2016 Ford Edge release date & price

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2016 Ford Edge release date, price

Photo: 2016 Ford Edge release date & price

The Technical Characteristics of the 2016 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is the popular SUV, produced by Ford. The new model, which is expected to come out soon, will be completely redesigned. This SUV will give birth to the new generation of these vehicles, to be more precise to the second one.
First of all, this SUV will offer three different engines, which will be more powerful than those of the previous models. The 2016 Ford Edge engine will produce up to 300 horsepower. This vehicle will also steer easily regardless of the quality of the riding surface. The changes will also include a new eight-speed responsive automatic transmission. Still, according to some reviews, a manual gearbox will also be available. This model is expected to be equipped with front-wheel drive; still, the SUV will be provided with all-wheel drive on request. The advantages of this model will also include a better fuel economy.
Speaking about gadgets, this vehicle will come with a two-zone automatic climate control, a top-quality audio system and other devices. As you can see, the engineers have done their best to make this SUV as comfortable as possible.
So, the major specs of the SUV will comprise:

  • three powerful engines available
  • an 8-speed automatic transmission
  • front-wheel drive
  • a better fuel economy

The 2016 Ford Edge Release Date

When will 2016 Ford Edge be released? The release date of this SUV has not been disclosed yet. However, according to the reviews, the 2016 Ford Edge comes out this year.

The Historical Development of the Ford Edge

The Historical Development of the Ford Edge
The Ford Edge has been being produced since 2006. Its history comprises two generations. Speaking about the vehicles, which belong to the first generation, they come with engines, capable of producing up to 305 horsepower, and six-speed automatic gearboxes. As for the safety, the models, belonging to the first generation, have received a “Top Safety Pick” award; it concerns those vehicles, which have been produced after 2007. In addition to a large set of airbags, these vehicles are equipped with electronic stability controls, traction controls, anti-lock brakes, and even system, monitoring tire pressure. In 2011 the design of these vehicles was updated in order to make them look more modern. The model, coming out in 2015, will belong to the second generation. It will be characterized by the updated design and well as improved specs.

Design of the 2016 Ford Edge

The 2016 Ford Edge changes will comprise the updated design.
Speaking about the exterior, it will be completely redesigned. The 2016 Ford Edge model will look impressive. This vehicle will come with a large hexagonal grille, which will determine the overall design of this SUV. The elegant headlights will complement the grille. As for the rear, the angular tail lights and large tailgate will match the overall design of the vehicle.
As for the 2016 Ford Edge colors, you will be able to choose from 10 exterior colors, including Bronze, Ingot Silver, Oxford White and others. The selection of colors will be wide enough to meet the preferences of almost any customer.
According to the 2016 Ford Edge reviews, the interior of the new model will not be significantly redesigned. However, the materials, characterized by the better quality, are expected to be used. In addition, this model will probably be equipped with innovative equipment. The interior of this vehicle will resemble that of the Ford Fusion. So, the new model is expected to be both comfortable and stylish. Such features as top-quality cloth upholstery, an automatic climate control system, adjustable seats, and a premium infotainment system will make this vehicle both attractive and convenient. Speaking about the premium versions, they will be equipped with leather upholstery and audio systems, characterized by even better quality and more functions.
The SUV, which is expected to go into production this year, will be intended for those, who prefer spacious, powerful vehicles, suitable for travelling both around the city and across country. It is the safe choice for those, who have big families and like to spend their free time travelling. One should mention that, thanks to such features of this model as a two-zone automatic climate control system, a premium quality audio system, adjustable seats and others, you will enjoy every drive.
Thanks to numerous advantages, the Ford Edge has received a large number of awards. It has been recognized to be one of “Best Cars for Families” and “2007 Urban Truck of the Year”. And this list of awards is not exhaustive. This vehicle is one of the best-selling SUVs in the USA. In 2014 more than 100,000 vehicles were sold in the US.

2016 Ford Edge Price

The new model is expected to become available very soon. In addition to the improved design and technical characteristics, this model will be characterized by the comparatively affordable price, which will probably contribute to its popularity. The base model will be sold for about $ 30,000. Still, if you want your vehicle to have some additional features, you will have to pay up to $ 40,000.

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