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2016 Ford Raptor release date & body changes

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2016 Ford Raptor release date

Photo: 2016 Ford Raptor release date & body changes

The Technical Characteristics of the New Model

The new model, which came out this year, has a number of improvements and updates. It is noteworthy that this model belongs to the new generation.
Speaking about the 2016 Ford Raptor engine, there is little information available. Still, one can say for sure that this model is equipped with a more powerful engine than that of its predecessor. This vehicle also comes with a new ten-speed automatic transmission, improved suspension and all-wheel drive. The 2016 Ford Raptor changes also include a brand new double-flow exhaust system. Terrain Management System ensures that the vehicle steers easily. Due to this system, you will feel more comfortable while driving. This electronic system changes the settings of the transmission, stability system, engine and ABS, depending on the mode chosen. It has six modes, designed for different weather conditions and quality of the road surface. When you choose the particular mode, the system changes the settings in the way, which ensures that you have a pleasant and safe ride.
So, this model has such technical characteristics:

  • a more powerful engine
  • a ten-speed automatic gearbox
  • a double-flow exhaust system
  • all-wheel drive

The 2016 Ford Raptor Release Date

When will 2016 Ford Raptor become available? In fact, the 2016 Ford Raptor came out this year. The presentation of the new model took place at the Detroit Auto Show. This vehicle is expected to go into production at the end of 2016. So, you will be able to buy this pickup truck in fall 2016.

The History of the Ford Raptor

The History of the Ford Raptor
The SVT Raptor was presented in 2009 and became immensely popular soon after its presentation. This vehicle was designed for driving across country; consequently, it had a range of adjustments, which ensured the comfort of a driver and passengers. There were two kinds of engines available. A more powerful variant was capable of producing 411 horsepower. The truck was equipped with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Speaking about the model, presented in 2010, a four-door cabin was available. In addition, the vehicle came with a standard engine only. Throughout the historical development of this truck, its design and specs have been constantly changed in order to make the vehicle more powerful, comfortable and stylish. The model, presented this year, gave birth to the new generation of these vehicles.

The Design of the 2016 Ford Raptor Model

Although the design of this model is significantly updated, it has remained easily recognizable. The exterior of this vehicle is well-thought-out: every detail complements the overall luxurious and stylish design. You will surely like such accents as the silver protection on the bottom, vertical grille, decorated with the word “Ford”, wheel arches, covered with plastic, tinted windows and redesigned exhaust pipes. According to the 2016 Ford Raptor reviews, the truck also comes with an improved hood, redesigned fenders, massive 17-inch wheels and off-road tires. Most design changes were intended to increase the stability of the truck and make travelling across country more comfortable. As the body of this model is made of aluminum mainly, it weighs less than its predecessors, consequently, it steers easily. In general, the exterior of the new model looks tougher.
The interior of this version is also redesigned. It is characterized by the thoughtful color scheme and stylish dashboard. Due to the use of quality materials it looks expensive. It is noteworthy that the cabin is spacious enough for you and your passengers to feel extremely comfortable during a ride. The vehicle is also equipped with a wide range of high-tech gadgets, intended to make it even more comfortable.
Speaking about the 2016 Ford Raptor colors, one cannot say for sure which exterior colors will be available. The selection of colors is likely to be identical to that of its predecessor. So, you will probably have the opportunity to choose from thirteen exterior colors.
This pickup truck is a safe choice for those, who spend much time travelling across country. Since the engineers have strived to make it as comfortable as possible, you should not worry about rough roads. In fact, every part of this vehicle is designed to ensure the comfort of drivers and passengers. This truck is a suitable choice for those, who are looking for a modern vehicle, which can be used for transferring cargo. Unlike most trucks, this model looks attractive and is equipped with high-tech devices.
One should mention that the Ford Raptor has been staying greatly popular since its presentation, which took place in 2009. The predecessor of the model, presented this year, was recognized to be the best-selling pickup truck in North America. The new version, which has a range of improvements and updates, is likely to enjoy even greater popularity.

2016 Ford Raptor Price

The manufacturer has not announced the exact price of this model yet. Still, taking into account the price of the previous version, you will have to pay about $ 50,000 if you want to own the new model of the Ford Raptor.

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