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2016 Honda Pilot release date and price USA

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2016 Honda Pilot release date and price USA

Photo: 2016 Honda Pilot release date and price USA

The new generation of Japanese crossover meet adversity head-on the USA market, and the announcement on the Honda Pilot 2016 the price is in the range of prices between the previous Honda Pilot, the second generation of premium Acura MDX. From luxury relative novelty will receive the new engine V6 (see. Photo), 3.5-liter, power 290 (+41) forces and 262 (+20) Nm of torque. To some extent 2016 Honda Pilot crossover is more perfect than the premium Acura, because Pilot is built on a completely new platform, which is only then form the basis of next generation MDX. Let’s start with what is now prices Honda Pilot and Acura MDX marks begin with 50 000 $ and 55 000 $ in USA, respectively.

2016 Honda Pilot Release date and price

Fight with rising called to the initial version of the pilot. If earlier the USA market model offers exceptional all-wheel drive, now (the final decision is still pending) is expected to appear front-wheel version. Similar Toyota Highlander, which is the main competitor, costs from 50 000 $, and 2016 Honda Pilot price will not exceed the psychological mark of 50 000 $ (USA). Instead of the old non-alternative 5-speed automatic pilots in the specifications claimed more advanced 6-speed automatic or a new 9-speed automatic. This fact also contributes to cost optimization 2016 Pilot after 9-speed transmission will be put modifications to the four-wheel drive, while the other version will have at its disposal six assists.

Sales will start at dealerships in the summer of 2015.

Release date: summer 2015

Seriously upgraded engine V6, which the Japanese prefer to call the new function was off half the cylinders and direct fuel injection, allowing economical Honda Pilot raised to hitherto unseen heights. The former “Six” (249 troops) with the distributed injection can also remain in service that will not only reduce the price of the 2016 Honda Pilot in the initial version, but will get rid of an additional tax in the category of motors, power does not exceed 250 forces. In this case both the unit (J35 series) are equipped with a proprietary system of variable valve timing i-VTEC of the last generation, combining both the adjustment time of the opening / closing of valves and their lift height.

Fundamental differences in the chassis of the third generation Honda Pilot is not necessary to look for. Front still mounted suspension McPherson, and rear axle, as before, is a multi-link structure. However, the increasing use of high-strength steels in the new platform favorably affected both increase rigidity and to decrease the loaded mass (-140 kg), which now is 1810-1950 kg, depending on the drive type, the number of seats in the cabin and the level of equipment.

2016 Honda Pilot Interior

2016 Honda Pilot Interior By the way, the price of the 2016 Honda Pilot will be particularly justified in the eyes of those who need it multi-seat crossover. If most competitors passenger choice comes down to the presence or absence of the third row of seats, the Pilot 2016 offers only three-row layout. 7-seater version is different from the 8-seat configuration, only the middle row of seats. In the first case, instead of the sofa set two separate chair enhanced comfort, easy folding using servo. The lack of two-row version of 2016 Honda Pilot, on the one hand, talks about the full gallery, designed for three adult passengers, the other – on the minimum its impact on the amount of luggage in the folded state.

Outside view of the new generation Honda Pilot is fundamentally different from its predecessor. If a previous version in its design professed brutal and awkward style, the new version of the crossover is different unlike the more impetuous silhouette. Especially added dynamism in the form of Pilot 2016 seriously revised angles resistant windshield and rear window, as well as the rejection of a substantially vertical front of the vehicle. On the feeling of spaciousness in the cabin piled rack will not affect, because the length of the new Honda increased by 90 mm, but have a beneficial effect on the coefficient of streamlining, of course, they can. Gaining in size and wheel arches, allowing painless to install pilot 3rd generation 20-inch wheels.

2016 Honda Pilot Specifications

High-speed performance significantly improved new crossover, which will increase the value of 2016 Honda Pilot in dynamic driving enthusiasts. A more powerful engine will reduce the acceleration time to 100 km / h from 9.9 to less than eight seconds. For comparison, a similar Acura MDX with the same 290-horsepower engine is 7.6 seconds acceleration to a hundred. Yes, and average fuel consumption, if we continue this comparison, reduced from 11.8 to 10 liters per 100 km at least. Owners baselines 2016 Honda Pilot with the same engine, power 249 forces also waiting for the improvement of the technical characteristics, because the model is lighter by 140 kg and gained a better multi-machine.

A more dynamic appearance Honda Pilot 3rd generation does not become a pretext for reducing the clearance. The ground clearance of the previous version of the crossover is 203 mm, which is the average in the class. With an emphasis on sports Acura MDX has a 200 mm, and the new pilot, has a greater share of practicality, it is expected, if not increase clearance, at least to save the old record. Recall that the main competitor in the face of Toyota Highlander clearance is 197 mm, while the more prestigious and expensive Ford Explorer – 211 mm.

However, the main intrigue is not the number of ground clearance and all-wheel drive powertrain design 2016 Honda Pilot. confine ourselves whether the new model is the standard solution in the classroom using conventional multi-plate clutch in the rear wheel drive or get a firm system of SH-AWD, used on the Honda Legend and the various Acura models, including a related MDX. Of course, in the latter case, the price may rise 2016 Honda Pilot, but the model will have a unique drive with an active differential, endowing the model variable thrust vectoring. As shown by numerous test drives, the SH-AWD not only raises the level of control at a height inaccessible to competitors, but rather significantly improves off-road ability. If you do not take into account the geometric cross-country crossover, the work of SH-AWD, capable of transmitting torque to each rear wheel individually, can be compared to a full-fledged SUV transmission having a locking center and rear differentials.

In terms of equipment 2016 Honda Pilot is very close to the models of Acura. Multimedia system, sharpened by Android, has received an 8-inch touchscreen navigation now has a three-dimensional mode, and to make the larger display on-board computer, speedometer became digital. Inside, the Pilot bench five connectors USB, Internet access and a 9-inch screen for the rear passengers. Traditional roof can be replaced by panoramic transparent. The seats of the 1st and 2nd rows are equipped with electric heating, and the driver and passenger, and even ventilation. Of the large number of electronic aides that enhance driving safety, released an innovative system that prevents spontaneous exit side of the road. Lights on the third generation of the crossover steel LED.

In addition to future Acura MDX, Honda Pilot new platform will be the basis Odyssey minivan and crossover pickup Ridgeline. Releasing the novelty will be on Alabama plant in Lincoln. The US market will catch crossover in the summer of 2015.

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