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2016 Lincoln MKX release date and price

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2016 Lincoln MKX

Photo: 2016 Lincoln MKX release date and price


At the last motor-show 2015, held in Detroit, was shown a production model of 2016 Lincoln MKX crossover the second generation. On the US market the vehicle will be offered this fall, and then new will appear in Canada, South Korea, China and some Middle East countries.

The car is slightly different from the  Lincoln MKX concept that was shown in Beijing in the spring of 2014, created on the Ford Edge platform.


2016 Lincoln MKX design changes

According to the company, 2016 Lincoln MKX II-generation crossover is luxurious and elegant car, equipped with sophisticated advanced technologies. Coupe received the redesigned led head optics, harmoniously interacting with the radiator grille in the shape of wings. In addition, it should be noted that the door of the luggage compartment, the lower part of the front bumper, moldings and lower windows line are decorated with chrome now. The new 2016 Lincoln MKX is not much different from other members of the concept family. It remained typical for MKX parts – led headlamps, splitwing grille, plastic covering and tailgate spoiler, double exhaust system and chrome intonations.


2016 Lincoln MKX engines and transmissions

The crossover will be equipped with one of two petrol engines. Basic get V-shaped atmospheric “six”, the volume of which 3700 cm3, capacity of 300-HP (380 Newton-meters). The next unit is a twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 Ti-VCT series, displacement of 2700 cm3. This unit produces 330-HP. The torque is 501 Newton*meter. Thrust is realized through a six-speed autoc gearbox, which can operate in manual mode. As for the drive, the 2016 Lincoln MKX crossover can be equipped with both front-wheel or full drive.


2016 Lincoln MKX interior

In the 2016 Lincoln MKX model will be comfortable not only the driver but also the front passenger because of expense of new chairs with air chambers, which have electrical adjustment for 22 directions. High quality sound of music files provides Revel series phonics with Dolby Surround. Depending on the modification, the number of speakers can be from 13 to 19 units! All this abundance will be comfortable working with active noise control. Any lucky, sat down behind the wheel of such a vehicle has a very nice interface MyLincoln.

In interior design used natural wooden olive ash color accents, even the most ordinary aesthetes will appreciate such a work of automotive art, and decorative metal inserts and high-quality leather.

2016 Lincoln MKX release date

Article about the 2016 Lincoln MKX has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


2016 Lincoln MKX specifications

In addition to the above 2016 Lincoln MKX crossover, equipped with 360º visibility, electronic assistant with 12 radars, which helps when parking. There is a system with preventive braking to help prevent collisions and, of course, adjustable cruise control.

New 2016 Lincoln MKX has got a variety of electronic assistants, together with a “dead zones” monitoring system, lane changing movement, head-on collisions prevention, able to stop a car if there is no response from the driver, and intelligent cruise control.

Optional offered the Lincoln Drive Control system that allows to choose the modes of movement that are reconfiguring the suspension, steering and gearbox. Lincoln MKX 2016 offers the possibility of partial crossover control through smartphone (starting the engine, opening/closing doors and so on).


2016 Lincoln MKX release date

In conclusion, I should add that the start of sales of the SUV would be marked by two designer Black Label modifications. First got the inspiration from the atmosphere of Paris in the 20-ies of the past in the history of the century, the second embodies the passion and excitement of racing and equestrian sport.

Release date: late 2015 – early 2016


2016 Lincoln MKX video review


Photo of 2016 Lincoln MKX

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2016 Lincoln MKX to change without notice.