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Car trends in 2016.

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Photo: Car trends in 2016.

Each year, the car world updated with new releases that are expected. We have prepared a list of new products in 2016 for the consumer.

Audi Q5


Crossovers “Audi” we love. Today ends the final test of car and vehicle debut in mid-2016.


Bentley Bentayga


Bentley Bentayga Sales will begin this year. Dealerships have begun to receive orders that will take effect from the spring. As for the model known almost all the details – the company has disclosed the secrets of the last Frankfurt Motor Show, where the most expensive car (from 208 thousand euros) and debuted.

Citroen Space Tourer, Peugeot Traveller, Toyota ProAce


The French from Citroen and Peugeot have decided to cooperate more with Toyota, as previously was the case with the models Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, 108 and Toyota Aygo.


This year, in Europe there will be 3 new items – Citroen Space Tourer, Peugeot Traveller, Toyota ProAce, which represent a brand new microspheres.



Ford Mustang


The sixth generation of “Mustang” is no longer a novelty. Around the world, this car goes for several years.

Genesis G90


The first novelty is the new brand Genesis – Model G90. The machine will replace the current flagship Hyundai – luxury sedan Equus. Base G90 – is stretched base Hyundai Genesis sedan without air suspension. This element, for a fee, will replace the adaptive electronic controlled suspension. According to the Koreans, with this brand new platform G90 not inferior than the Equus, which has pneumatic cylinders. In the world of car will appear, including our country, in the 2nd quarter of this year. By the way, in addition to sales of standard stretch sedan will be offered with a 1.5-meter insert between the rows of seats.

Hyundai Creta


Rumor has it that Hyundai Creta turn into a veritable bestseller. The car should have increased interest in the market because its price is affordable. The vehicle itself is a aziysky Hyundai ix25 with the wheels in the base 2590 mm and length 4270 mm.

Jaguar F-Pace


From the moment when F-Pace  made debut , in 2016 the British brand will enter into another era: for the first time in the company’s line of crossover will join! Machine weighs about 1665 – 1861 kg, which is less than that of the top contenders. Base F-Pace – modular base, which has several components present in XE sedan and 2-access door F-type. Many parts of the chassis are made of aluminum, and the circuit configuration from suspension the most perfect of all the existing ones: 2-lever in front and behind – mnogoryichazhka. On the European car market base F-Type will be offered with rear wheel drive.


And what trends do you expect this year?