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Hyundai company was founded in 1947. Its name translates from Korean as “present”.

Hyundai has passed the stages of growing from a small workshop to the largest South Korean company, specializing in various fields of engineering.Holding Hyundai was releasing ships, machine tools, locomotives, steel, designed and produced electronic equipment, cars by the time its dawn. In addition, it was involved in such areas as construction, petrochemical industry. Hyundai became involved in the automotive business in  60-ies. Initially the company was assembling Ford brand vehicles under the British Treaty.

Nowdays, the prospects of  Hyundai seem to be very optimistic.   Sonata, Lantra and Lantra Combi, Accent, Coupe models are in good demand on the European market. Company has opened representative offices in Japan and Europe.

2015 Hyundai Veloster face-lift release date, specs, price

The car can already be seen on the roads in South Korea, as it is specifically designed for this market. The purpose of the updated Veloster is to attract young customers, those who are twenty to thirty. The car is already sold in the country since January 16. In order to distance the new Hyundai […]


2015 Hyundai i40 face-lift release date, specs, price

Late 2014 Hyundai introduced new i40 series wagon and sedan. Updates include fresh design, a new range of engines and a number of enhanced dynamic settings. 2015 Hyundai i40 face-lift release date Hyundai has restyled family i40 with a facelift. The sedan and wagon received a small style makeover of the Genesis sedan, which large grille […]