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Jaguar (Jaguar Cars Limited) is a British automotive vendor. Specializes in production of executive cars and luxury. Founded in 1923. Original name was “Swallow Sidecar” and “Jaguar” was renamed after the Second World War. At first, Jaguar manufactured strollers for motorcycles and small components for concern Austin. In 1927 Jaguar reclassified base production manufacture of machinery for car assembling for such manufacturers as Fiat, Morris, Swift, and others. Their car was first produced in 1934.

The first production model, presented at the London exhibition, caused a sensation because it was the fastest at that time cars. Since then, Jaguar produce excellent cars, combining sophisticated British style, characteristics of sports cars, luxurious perfection of beauty. Excellent design, advanced technology and rich integration enables the driver to enjoy every trip. Update of the legendary series Jaguar XT for every exhibitions and salons won many prestigious awards, which proves that the Jaguar is able to combine in their cars all of these properties.

2015 Jaguar XK price release date and photos

  Jaguar is planning to revive the family of XK. According to the project Manager Russ Varney, these cars can be represented in the Gran Turismo segment. “The heart of Jaguar sports cars. That’s why the F-Type is the main product of the brand. However, this does not mean that the project XK dead. There […]


2015 Jaguar XF release date, specs, price

    Updated Jaguar XF presented in new York First new sedan of business class, Jaguar XF showed as a concept C-XF at the motor show in Detroit in 2007, and in the autumn of the same year, at the motor show in Frankfurt, debuted the serial version of this model, which was replaced in […]


2015 Jaguar XJ face-lift release date, specs, price

  In the UK started tests of a new Jaguar XJ sedan 2015. Officially, the new XJ was presented during the Paris motor show in 2014, and it will be available for sale before the end of this year. New Jaguar XJ 2015, got new bumpers and revised headlights. According to preliminary information, specifications of […]


When is 2015 F Type Jaguar coming out?

At the auto show in Los Angeles was presented sportscar F-Type sample 2015-2016. The model has upgrades that set it apart from previous variants, namely: manual transmission and four-wheel drive. British auto manufacturers have developed 6-speed manual transmission Quickshift together with ZF. Note that this transmission will be offered and options for cars with 6-cylinder […]


2015 Jaguar XE release date, specs, price

At night from 8 to 9 September 2014 in London took place the presentation of the new sedan Jaguar XE, an XF little brother. New model was showen to public in October 2014 at the Paris Motor show. XE exterior is much like senior XF and long bonnet and short rear overhang evoke associations with […]