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The history of the car brand Smart has just over 10 years, but despite such a young age, this brand has been famous all over the world. Far in the autumn of 1998 appeared a new car brand Smart, it was a joint venture between Daimler Benz and the Swiss company Swatch, which specializes in the production of expensive watches.

Today, the brand Smart continues to function and from time to time issue upgraded versions of the existing versions of the model range Smart, with an emphasis on efficiency and environmental friendliness. Interesting is the fact that the Chinese in 2007 released their Smart option called Shuanghuan Noble. Daimler AG sued the Chinese for plagiarism and they stopped selling Shuanghuan Noble in some countries. That did not prevent the Chinese after a short time to provide America’s  with environmental option of Smarth Noble.

2015 Smart ForFour release date, specs, price

Smart ForFour 2015 is the Second generation, fully redesigned model of supermini cars, produced by the “Smart” division of the German manufacturer “Daimler AG”. The most notable new features are: the rear doors can be opened almost 90 degrees, which makes entering and exiting the car more comfortable; Small trunk of 185 liters, which increases to 730 liters if […]