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2015 Smart ForFour release date, specs, price

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Photo: 2015 Smart ForFour release date, specs, price

Smart ForFour 2015 is the Second generation, fully redesigned model of supermini cars, produced by the “Smart” division of the German manufacturer “Daimler AG”. The most notable new features are: the rear doors can be opened almost 90 degrees, which makes entering and exiting the car more comfortable; Small trunk of 185 liters, which increases to 730 liters if you fold the back seats of the back row; Smaller turning radius, which requires minimum amount of space – 8.65 meters (between pavement edges) and 8.95 m (between walls). New Smart uses two petroleum motors: Atmospherical (1 liter, with three cylinders, 71 horsepower capability and 91 Nm); Turbo (0.9 liter motor, with 3 cylinders, 90 horsepower and torque of 135 Nm). Both motors are equipped with the mechanical (5-steps) or robotized (6 steps) dual-clutch gearbox.

New Smart ForFour specs, engines

Body type/Engine – Hatchback/3 cylinder, 0.9-1.0 liter, petroleum

Engine output/Torque – 60-90 l/s; 91-135 Nm.

Drive type/Gearbox – Rear/5-steps manual or 6-steps automatic transmission

Length/Wheelbase/Luggage capacity – 3490 mm/2,494 mm/185-730 l.

2015 Smart ForFour release date

Smart ForFour 2015 was officially revealed to the public during presentation in Berlin, on July the 16th, 2014. First sales began in November, for Germany and Europe with the price of 17,570.14 USD. In USA a new Smart ForFour will go on sale in spring 2015.

Release date: Spring 2015

Three sets of configuration were offered: Passion – the basic variant with LED driving lights, central lock with remote control, immobilizer, cruise control with speed-limit settings, external thermometer, a monochrome onboard computer screen, front electric window lift, ABS, ASR and ESP, Crosswind Assist (to help suppress strong side winds). The more expensive sets of Prime 2,269.22 USD and Proxy 5,321.98 USD offer the presence of seat warming, color 3.5-inch on-board computer screen, leather-trimmed multifunctional steering wheel, and JBL audio system

2015 Smart ForFour release date

Article about the 2015 Smart ForFour has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.

History of brands

The production of Smart minicars started in Switzerland, with first designs developed by The Swatch Group Ltd. And The Mercedes-Benz company. The First prototype was presented in 1995, Frankfurt. It was positively accepted as the solution for reducing traffic jams and increasing parking spaces. After that, the Smart two- and four-door minicars production and selling started in Hambashe, France. In 1997 – The Smart Coupe model was presented in Munich, and in the autumn of the same year, the model was shown at the International Car Exhibition. The serial production and selling in East European Countries started in 1998. The Smart minicars became popular in many European countries, such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Austria and others.

Smart ForFour 2015 was developed by the Daimler concern in close cooperation with the French company Renault, the serial product of which was the 3rd generation Renault Twingo, hence, Smart ForTwo and ForFour 2015 have the same platform.

2015 Smart ForFour video review

Photo of 2015 Smart ForFour

coming soon


  • Engine Type : coming soon
  • Engine Size : 1 liter
  • Cylinders : 3
  • Max. Torque : 91 Nm @ 2850 rpm
  • Max. Power : 62 kW @ 6000 rpm
  • Pwr:Wgt Ratio : coming soon
  • Bore & Stroke : coming soon

Prices, specifications, options, features Smart ForFour to change without notice.